Stargaze for YOUR OWN Star!

This is the ULTIMATE romantic date idea

In this article you will discover how to create a romantic date night under the stars. With heaps of different options, this idea is sure to suit every couple.

Did you know you can buy a star and name it? This is the most romantic date idea! Setting up a tent and camping out under the stars is one thing, but imagine lying underneath the stars searching for the star that belongs to you! For a way to make this date the most memorable, see the end of the article for an ultra special touch!

Giving the gift of a star is a gesture that shows everlasting love. It is the ultimate romantic date and gesture for your partner.

Steps to creating the most romantic date night ever!

1. Purchase your Star
Go to and purchase your star. Then decide on the name for your star. Are you going to name it after your partner? It could be a mashup of both your names or name it after a person or thing that your partner loves. The best part is that this whole process only takes about 2 days. Within 48 hours your star will be registered with your name and you will receive all of the information you need to find your star in the night sky!

2. Set up a cosy area outside for your date.
Some ideas are:
Set up a picnic rug with some pillows, cushions and blankets
Get the camping chairs out and sit them around a bonfire
Set up a tent
Set up an outdoor bed using a mattress

3. Food and drink
To make this a special date night, make sure you have your partners favourite food and drink ready. You could also theme the night to do with stars and space, by having related food and drink ready. For example, you could create a cocktail and name it after something to do with your stargazing themed evening. You can even purchase edible glitter and put it in your drink to make it shimmer!

4. Gift your partner their star
When your partner has settled in to the night, surprise them with a gift of the star. Explaining the thought process behind the name of the star is a very romantic gesture because it shows that you thought deeply about your partner. This gesture truly does show everlasting love and romance.

5. Look for your star in the night sky
Take some time to lie back and look up at the night sky. Find the different constellations which will differ depending on if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. Make a guess about which star might be yours in the sky before referring to the downloadable information that came with your star.

Ultra special touch:
For an ultra special touch, set up a telescope. You can search for your star through a telescope using the coordinates provided on your star certificate! Have you ever seen a star through a telescope before? It truly is a life changing experience and one that your partner will never forget.

This romantic date night will definitely leave a strong memory for you and your partner. You can make this night a memory and do the activity each year, discussing the year that just passed. This idea is perfect for anniversaries, Valentines Day, birthdays or any day of the year, because showing your partner that you love them doesn’t have to wait for an occasion, it can be any day of the year!

Show your partner how much you love them by organising this very special date night idea!