Around the World Date Night Idea

‘Travelling’ to Japan

We are passionate travellers but when Covid hit, our travel plans came to a halt. Jake had always wanted to travel to Japan, but unfortunately travelling overseas was not an option. Seeing that Jake was feeling a bit sad about his lack of travel plans, I organised a cute Japan themed date night.

Using past travel experiences, I created a scavenger hunt. Jake was given the first clue, and when he decoded the clue he was able to find the next clue and so on. The first clue given to Jake was ‘you need me in order to board the plane’. The answer was of course ‘passport’. Jake looked in his passport to find the next clue.

Jake’s final clue led him to a pretend plane ticket that I had printed off. I was taking Jake on a pretend holiday to Japan!

After Jake found his clues, the Japanese themed evening began. Jake and I made sushi, miso soup and drank sake. We played Mario Kart and sang Japanese Karaoke until our voices (and the sake) were gone!

We love this date night idea because it is an easy and cheap activity for couples to do at home that can be done in summer, winter, spring, and fall. It can also double up as a romantic candle lit dinner at home (just don’t forget the candles!).

We’ve broken down below how you can create your perfect ‘Around the World’ date night at home too!

How to plan an Around the World Date Night

  1.  Organise the Scavenger Hunt
    • Come up with ten or so clues that your partner must find around the house. The clues can relate to previous travel experiences you have shared together, future travel experiences that you have planned together, or other fun facts or jokes between yourselves. This is a great opportunity for some couples bonding. Use your imagination!
    • Some of Jake’s clues were:
      • You need me to board a plane = passport
      • An essential plane snack = Pringles
      • Molly’s favorite cuisine = Thai cookbook
      • Molly insists on buying one of these for every country we travel to = Lonely Planet Book
      • When we went to Kerala, India we ate this a lot = fish (tank)

  2. Come up With the Final Destination
    • Decide on where the final clue will lead your partner to. For a cute idea, you can create a fake plane ticket for them to the destination.

  3. Decide on Dinner 
    • Think about what cuisines you would eat at your destination. Are you eating pasta in Italy? Tagine in Morocco? Pierogi in Poland? Nasi Goreng in Indonesia? Write your partner a menu and prepare the food beforehand – or cook it together as this is always more fun! Make sure to be organised and purchase all the ingredients beforehand so that everything goes smoothly for an easy date night.

  4. After Dinner Entertainment
    • What are some of the key things you and your partner would do if you visited that country? Organise a couples activity for you and your partner that relates to the country that you are “travelling” to, for example:
      • India = Bollywood Dancing
      • Spain = La Tomatina (tomato fight anyone?)
      • Las Vegas = A game of Black Jack
      • Portgual = Learn to Salsa dance

  5. Have Fun!
    • Even though it wasn’t quite the same Jake still enjoyed his ‘holiday’ to Japan. It was a few hours of a nice date night where we could spend time together and it didn’t cost the earth!