Karaoke Date Night

Who doesn’t love karaoke!? In this article you will learn how to organise a fun date night for your partner with karaoke. Remember that old Singstar Game you had as a kid? It’s timet to blow off the dust and plug it in, because what better way to do karaoke than with Singstar!

Don’t have a Singstar Game? That’s ok! There are plenty of other ways you can do karaoke without the need to relive the clunky early 2000s technology.

To organise a karaoke date night without any technical gadgets, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Create a Playlist
Take some time to learn about what music your partner enjoys. Do they enjoy listening to old school hits or something a bit more recent? Do they secretly love belting out some Whitney in the shower? Are they a bedroom rapper at heart? Taking the time to compile a playlist that you know your partner will enjoy shows that you know them and what songs they enjoy. This will make them feel that you know them, which helps to build trust in a relationship. This is also an opportunity for a couples bonding activity as you can connect over common song, artist and genre interests.

If you are pressed for time or are unsure of what music your partner likes, you can use a pre-set karaoke playlist. You can find many of these pre-set playlists on many music platforms such as Spotify. Make sure to go through the playlist ahead of time to make sure that you and your partner enjoy the general flavour of the playlist.

Step 2: Organise some nibblies and drinks!
Food: Think about what your partners favourite snacks are. Popular snacks for karaoke are fingerfoods that are quick and easy to eat. This ensures that your mouth is free for singing and your hands are free for holding the microphone (if you have one!). Chips, lollies, chocolate and other pre-packaged items are super easy to eat while you are singing. If you are looking for something a little more gourmet, you could try snacks like chocolate dipped strawberries or a nicely organised cheese platter!
Drinks: This is arguably the most important part of a karaoke night. Drinks calm the nerves and definitely make for a better all round performance. Take some time to think about what your partner likes to drink so that this fun date night isn’t ruined by a drink that reminds them of a time they’d rather forget!

Step 3: Prepare the Stage
No, not a literal stage, but you might need to rearrange some furniture to ensure there is adequate space to dance! Dancing always makes date night more fun and when singing karaoke dancing just happens naturally. Make sure that there is somewhere that your partner can put their drink down that is away from any carpets, couches or other soft furnishing. You don’t want your partner to have built up the confidence to do the floss only to knock a glass of red wine all over your couch! That would be one way to end a date quick stat…

Step 4: Hook up the Music
It’s time for a dry run. Before your partner arrives for their fun date night, make sure that you trial the music so that there are no technical difficulties. If you have a microphone make sure you hook this up in advance. To get the words to the song, just opt in for subtitles and away you go!

You can purchase a very affordable karaoke microphone here or alternatively, just get the hairbrush out like you did when you were a kid! Either way this date night is sure to go down as one of the most fun date ideas that your partner has ever experienced.

Stargaze for YOUR OWN Star!

This is the ULTIMATE romantic date idea

In this article you will discover how to create a romantic date night under the stars. With heaps of different options, this idea is sure to suit every couple.

Did you know you can buy a star and name it? This is the most romantic date idea! Setting up a tent and camping out under the stars is one thing, but imagine lying underneath the stars searching for the star that belongs to you! For a way to make this date the most memorable, see the end of the article for an ultra special touch!

Giving the gift of a star is a gesture that shows everlasting love. It is the ultimate romantic date and gesture for your partner.

Steps to creating the most romantic date night ever!

1. Purchase your Star
Go to https://starregister.org/ and purchase your star. Then decide on the name for your star. Are you going to name it after your partner? It could be a mashup of both your names or name it after a person or thing that your partner loves. The best part is that this whole process only takes about 2 days. Within 48 hours your star will be registered with your name and you will receive all of the information you need to find your star in the night sky!

2. Set up a cosy area outside for your date.
Some ideas are:
Set up a picnic rug with some pillows, cushions and blankets
Get the camping chairs out and sit them around a bonfire
Set up a tent
Set up an outdoor bed using a mattress

3. Food and drink
To make this a special date night, make sure you have your partners favourite food and drink ready. You could also theme the night to do with stars and space, by having related food and drink ready. For example, you could create a cocktail and name it after something to do with your stargazing themed evening. You can even purchase edible glitter and put it in your drink to make it shimmer!

4. Gift your partner their star
When your partner has settled in to the night, surprise them with a gift of the star. Explaining the thought process behind the name of the star is a very romantic gesture because it shows that you thought deeply about your partner. This gesture truly does show everlasting love and romance.

5. Look for your star in the night sky
Take some time to lie back and look up at the night sky. Find the different constellations which will differ depending on if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. Make a guess about which star might be yours in the sky before referring to the downloadable information that came with your star.

Ultra special touch:
For an ultra special touch, set up a telescope. You can search for your star through a telescope using the coordinates provided on your star certificate! Have you ever seen a star through a telescope before? It truly is a life changing experience and one that your partner will never forget.

This romantic date night will definitely leave a strong memory for you and your partner. You can make this night a memory and do the activity each year, discussing the year that just passed. This idea is perfect for anniversaries, Valentines Day, birthdays or any day of the year, because showing your partner that you love them doesn’t have to wait for an occasion, it can be any day of the year!

Show your partner how much you love them by organising this very special date night idea!

Around the World Date Night Idea

‘Travelling’ to Japan

We are passionate travellers but when Covid hit, our travel plans came to a halt. Jake had always wanted to travel to Japan, but unfortunately travelling overseas was not an option. Seeing that Jake was feeling a bit sad about his lack of travel plans, I organised a cute Japan themed date night.

Using past travel experiences, I created a scavenger hunt. Jake was given the first clue, and when he decoded the clue he was able to find the next clue and so on. The first clue given to Jake was ‘you need me in order to board the plane’. The answer was of course ‘passport’. Jake looked in his passport to find the next clue.

Jake’s final clue led him to a pretend plane ticket that I had printed off. I was taking Jake on a pretend holiday to Japan!

After Jake found his clues, the Japanese themed evening began. Jake and I made sushi, miso soup and drank sake. We played Mario Kart and sang Japanese Karaoke until our voices (and the sake) were gone!

We love this date night idea because it is an easy and cheap activity for couples to do at home that can be done in summer, winter, spring, and fall. It can also double up as a romantic candle lit dinner at home (just don’t forget the candles!).

We’ve broken down below how you can create your perfect ‘Around the World’ date night at home too!

How to plan an Around the World Date Night

  1.  Organise the Scavenger Hunt
    • Come up with ten or so clues that your partner must find around the house. The clues can relate to previous travel experiences you have shared together, future travel experiences that you have planned together, or other fun facts or jokes between yourselves. This is a great opportunity for some couples bonding. Use your imagination!
    • Some of Jake’s clues were:
      • You need me to board a plane = passport
      • An essential plane snack = Pringles
      • Molly’s favorite cuisine = Thai cookbook
      • Molly insists on buying one of these for every country we travel to = Lonely Planet Book
      • When we went to Kerala, India we ate this a lot = fish (tank)

  2. Come up With the Final Destination
    • Decide on where the final clue will lead your partner to. For a cute idea, you can create a fake plane ticket for them to the destination.

  3. Decide on Dinner 
    • Think about what cuisines you would eat at your destination. Are you eating pasta in Italy? Tagine in Morocco? Pierogi in Poland? Nasi Goreng in Indonesia? Write your partner a menu and prepare the food beforehand – or cook it together as this is always more fun! Make sure to be organised and purchase all the ingredients beforehand so that everything goes smoothly for an easy date night.

  4. After Dinner Entertainment
    • What are some of the key things you and your partner would do if you visited that country? Organise a couples activity for you and your partner that relates to the country that you are “travelling” to, for example:
      • India = Bollywood Dancing
      • Spain = La Tomatina (tomato fight anyone?)
      • Las Vegas = A game of Black Jack
      • Portgual = Learn to Salsa dance

  5. Have Fun!
    • Even though it wasn’t quite the same Jake still enjoyed his ‘holiday’ to Japan. It was a few hours of a nice date night where we could spend time together and it didn’t cost the earth!