About Us

We are Jake and Molly, two twenty-something year olds from Melbourne, Victoria. Having been stuck in Melbourne’s lengthy lockdowns, we were looking for ways to keep our relationship exciting! Each weekend we would take turns organising a special date night in. Though these nights have been super fun and romantic, we found that it was often difficult to think of different and unique things to do that weren’t the typical dinner and movie night (though we have plenty of ways to spice these nights up too!).

We want to share the best date night ideas that are romantic, fun and cheap.

Jake’s favourite date night was the Around the World theme that Molly organised. On this night, Molly organised for Jake to complete a scavenger clue hunt that ultimately led to an imaginary plane ticket to Japan, where they experienced a homemade Japanese themed evening.

Molly’s favourite date night was Backyard Glamping, where Jake set up a tent in the backyard, along with a firepit to make smores! The night was cold but unforgettable!